How do I do for measurements and design request? TMO is the company with the highest degree of graphic customization on the market today. 90% of the suits ordered at TMO have complex design requests which tends to be our bread and butter. Sometimes these requests are hard to explain in a simple PDF. At TMO we have found it simpler to work the process differently. At TMO, once a suit is ordered it generates a "Welcome Package" email that includes Measurement and Design information to complete your suit. This way you can order a suit without having your measurements ready or if your not 100% sure about your design yet. YES, you can place your order and submit measurement and design info later.

Custom designs are worked the Graphic Designers we have on staff. If you order a custom design, once ordered and design request is submitted by answering the Welcome Package email. In a Custom Suit you lead the design process. You give the designers your idea, the designer begins sending renders that you can make changes on until you see a version you are totally excited about. Once you see the version you like and approve, that’s the suit that gets placed into production. There is no extra fee to make as many changes as you need to the graphic design work. The goal will always be to make sure your jumping a suit your totally excited about.


To order a suit just pick from the 4 options provided. Shorty, Full, Fitted, or a suit from the monthly Collections we put out. Add the suit to the cart. Once you make the payment a work order is generated on our end and you will receive a followup email with the next steps towards completing your suit. 

If you have any other question before placing you order you can always right us to or chat with our representatives in the chat box right on our website.

This is your formal invitation to become part of the TMO family!